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Welcome to Cuerno Grande Wildlife

Thank you for your interest in Texas trophy whitetail deer hunting with Cuerno Grande. Here’s why we offer the finest whitetail hunting in the great state of Texas.

Cuerno Grande has been in the hunting business for many years. We started out in wildlife management and wildlife consulting, helping landowners improve the quality of their deer habitat and the size and health of the deer herd. Our hunters are still benefiting from our many years getting to know the local Texas ranch owners and improving their whitetail deer herds.

Most trophy whitetail deer hunting operations in Texas over harvest their top-end bucks, before they have had a chance to mature or spread their genes throughout the herd. This means the less desirable management bucks are the ones left to breed the does. The result of this practice is degradation of the whitetail deer herd over time and smaller bucks year after year.

The trophy whitetail bucks on all the Texas ranches we hunt have reached their prime and have been able to spread their genes throughout the whitetail deer herd for future generations of Texas deer and hunters.

We have a minimum buck/doe ratio of 3:1 on every ranch we hunt in Texas. That’s right – three whitetail bucks to every doe! This guarantees that the biggest trophy bucks are the ones breeding the does. For the past 20 years our hunters have enjoyed a success rate of over 100 percent. (Many hunters harvest a second buck, either trophy or management class deer.)

We invite you to come spend a couple of days with us, enjoying Texas hospitality and big bucks. After all, Cuerno Grande means “big horns,” and that is what we are all about.

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